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This April we proudly present our first ever new writing night, featuring 8 short plays written around the themes of injustice, inequality or gender and selected by our industry panel from over 100 submissions and we’re now looking for a few more actors to help us share these fantastic pieces of writing. We are particularly interested in receiving submissions from BAME actors.


The event is unpaid but we are planning to keep the rehearsals to a minimum (the plays are all going to be presented as script-in-hand readings so no line learning required!) and we wouldn't expect anyone to be in when not required. We’re hoping it will prove to be a fun experience and a chance to meet and work with lots of new people.

The commitment would be:

Friday 20th April from 1pm – 4pm: Meet and Greet with all the directors, writers and cast
Saturday 21st/Sunday 22nd/Monday 23rd April: One full day of rehearsal from these three options, to suit the director and the actors
Tuesday 24th from 12pm: Rehearsal, tech and evening performance (at 7pm)


To apply please send your CV, Spotlight link and showreel (if you have one), and also confirm your availability for the dates listed, to with the subject as “Application for [Title of Play] for the role of [Character name]”.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Her, Him, Mother and Other by Andy Pilkington

Her, Him, Mother and Other is a short play about four different people and their perspectives on domestic violence. To provide a different way of addressing this subject matter, and as an alternative to traditional prose, their stories are told through performance poetry.



Him (Male, Any ethnicity, 20 – 40)

Mother (Female, any ethnicity, 50+)

How To Invest In Poverty by Cassiah Joski-Jethi

In the busy mad-dash world of Central London, a high-flying financier Samara meets a smart and sharp young woman Lacey - who happens to be homeless. Their interaction explores typical attitudes towards individuals who are homeless, and how this can be challenged and changed, but is often sadly not. 



Samara (Female, any ethnicity 25-30)

Necessary Change by Azeem Bhati

Best friends since high school, Samir and Darshan have always shared similar thoughts and views about most things. But when Samir is drawn to one political party, Darshan struggles to understand Samir's choices and feels that he no longer recognises his friend. Will their friendship survive the challenges that will arise as a result of their newfound differences? 



Samir (Male, British Asian, 20-25)

Darshan (Male, British Asian, 20-25)


St. Christopher by Conor Gormally

Its 2009 and two girls are on a ferry across the Irish Sea. Aine and Claire watch their city go by and discuss all your normal teenager topics – anything to take their mind off why they’re here. They may be girls but already they’ve learned what it means to be a woman in Northern Ireland.

They’ve got each other and the patron saint of travellers watching their backs, so everything will be fine, right?



Aine (Female, any ethnicity but northern Irish accent essential, 17)

The Unfortunate Trial of Robin Goodfellow by James Haddrell


As Theseus and his court retire to bed and the rude mechanicals head home flushed with the success of their performance, a cry rings out across fairyland - Puck, the apparent architect of the day's misadventures, is to be tried by a court of his peers. With a series of witnesses called from the countryside, the court and fairyland itself, is this an elaborate hoax or something altogether more sinister?


A sequel to A Midsummer Night's Dream written in iambic pentameter, The Unfortunate Trial of Robin Goodfellow is a darkly boisterous and unexpectedly contemporary satire on the abuse of power.



Robin Goodfellow (Male, any ethnicity, 20-30)

Judge (Male, any ethnicity, 35-50)

Fairy 1 (Female, any ethnicity 20-30)

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