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In 2020 we began working with Dana Saxon of Ancestors Unknown on The History of Immigrants event, this was a series of workshops that were delivered online internationally to the staff of Ares Management in partnership with their employee resource group Mosaic. The programme sought to uncover the untold history of British Immigration through the use of primary resources, interviews and dramatic story-telling devices. The core aim for of these workshops was to empower individuals, through an inclusive exploration of Britain’s historical narrative, in order to enlighten our introspective awareness of who we are. This series internalised and embedded the need for inclusion as a practice in the workplace and beyond, through an enhanced understanding of the diverse participation in our shared history. We are now beginning our second series of workshops, (Game Changers), where we will explore key individuals who helped make and shape British history through single events in time. People who against all odds broke records, implemented lasting social change, paved the way for future generations…. people whose achievements deserve acknowledgement and recognition today.


If you would like to discuss devising a workshop for your workplace, get in touch with us at:

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